Surface water


Water is essential for life. The protection of water is a common interest according to the EU Water Framework Directive’s primary aim and task of water management.

Concerning surface water another important role is flood prevention; river bed regulation and maintenance are emphasized roles of water management.

The activity of SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. involves research, engineering, licensing and construction concerning surface waters and associated facilities.

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Owing to extreme high precipitation amounts, the highest yields were measured on many water courses in the past few years. Floods occurred not only on the Danube but on smaller water courses as well. Watercourse regulation was necessary in many cases in order to be able to drain off the increased water quantity and it is also needed when the bed is silted up.

Based on the EU Water Framework Directive in the course of watercourse regulation the natural condition of the water course must be considered.

Prior to preparation of the plan, a detailed state study and geodetic measurements must be carried out. In many cases completion of an environmental impact study is necessary, as well.

One of the most important parts of the plan is hydrologic modelling which is e.g. suitable for estimating surface runoff in the watershed.

o State survey
o Geodetic measurements
o Runoff condition modelling of watershed
o Preliminary and detailed environmental impact study for regulation plans
o Completion of land registry documentation

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SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. is expansively trained in engineering, licensing, construction and operation of groundwater monitoring systems that are appropriate for detecting quality and quantity changes of human or natural origin of the groundwater.

Based on the character of the observed process, a monitoring system may consist of different objects (wells, yield measuring objects, piezometers, water quality measuring tools etc.). With operation of a monitoring system, the operators shall learn the possible quantity and quality problems of the groundwater and can take the proper measures to prevent further damage.

Applying remote transmitters connected to measuring tools set in the monitoring well on-line data (e.g. groundwater level, temperature, electric conductivity) processing is available. Besides saving expenses this method allows continuous data access.

Preparing a geoinformatic (GIS) data base is as an important task as data measuring. Our experts and information devices are competent in preparing and operating GIS data bases that meet the requirements of our clients.

Data evaluation, completion of prognoses, wording measures and preparing reports based on operative law are also included in our monitoring activity.

o Engineering, licensing and construction of yield measuring objects
o Water quality monitoring

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Specifying the characteristics of the water balance, connection between the surface water and groundwater flow systems, surface runoff and recharge are essential for evaluating the available water resources and completing hydrogeological investigations and state surveys.

Besides appropriate methods, sufficient available measured data (yield and groundwater level data) is necessary for adequate evaluations and hydrodynamic modelling in the area.

SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. has widespread experiences on hydrogeological research and proper measuring instruments are available for completing hydrogeological surveys.

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The quality of surface waters and water dependent ecosystems naturally and continuously are changing. ‘Bad status’ may evolve due to natural processes (e.g. droughts) and human activity, as well. Negative effect on the status of groundwater dependent ecosystems can be over-consumption of water resources, when owing to decreased groundwater level there is no sufficient water to maintain the ecosystem.

According to EU Water Framework Directive and water management plan of Hungary (VGT, 2010) groundwater can be utilized with the assumption that the ‘good status’ of surface waters and groundwater dependent ecosystems maintain.

In accordance with the Directive, defining ‘good status’ of the waters and estimation of ecological water demand are essential.

o Research on groundwater dependent ecosystems
o Yield measurements, calculations, modelling