The firm


SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. was established in 1994. SMARAGD means emerald, GSH is an acronym that comes from the initials of the name of the three founder members. Recently there are two owners.

The establishers of the Ltd. participated in environmental projects from the beginning of the 1990’s. The first project of the Ltd. was an environmental remediation of an oil polluted area; at present provides services in all fields of environmental protection and water management.

The experts – geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental engineers – pay attention not only to environmental protection but sustainable development, as well. Thus the primary aim of the Ltd. is to find solutions that satisfy the demands of the client, society and the nature.

The name emerald represents the main principles of the Ltd.: its green colour refers to our professional calling for nature and environment, its hardness symbolizes the requirements concerning our professional performance while its clearness represents fair play in business.