The team


Besides experts working for the firm the Ltd. employs subcontractors as well.

The firm favours postgraduate course of the colleagues (geologist, agricultural environmental engineer, geological engineer, hydrogeologist, geographer, environmental engineer, geoinformatics engineer, civil engineer).

In the past few years three colleagues acquired PhD degree and currently one PhD student works for the company.

The experts have the qualifications of Hungarian Chamber of Engineers necessary for the professional practice and determined by the law. In order to maintain the high professional level colleagues of the Ltd. regularly participate in vocational trainings and conferences.

Along with everyday work and close deadlines specific attention is given to the publication of our scientific results and participation in conferences.

Colleagues of SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. are the members of the following organizations:

• Hungarian Hydrological Society

• Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

• Hungarian Geological Society

• International Association of Hydrogeologists

• International Association of Hydrogeologists Hungarian National Chapter