Completion of water management plans (VGT) – Groundwater quality evaluations


Based on the EU Water Framework Directive the first water catchment management plan of Hungary was completed in 2009. The main tasks of SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. were the quantity assessment of groundwater and national coordination of water supply evaluations.

Review of the water catchment management plan must be carried out in every 6 years. The first plan was reviewed in 2015 coordinated by the General Directorate of Water Management. During the process the tasks of SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. were the quality and quantity state evaluation of the groundwater bodies and definition of relevant measures. Further challenge was to summarize the current state of water supply protection and evaluation of the risk endangering the water supplies in Hungary.

The measures representing good practice of water management ensuring good state of groundwater covered regulation and technical proposals too.

The long-term expertise of the colleagues in water management was crucial in framing the measures. These measures serve to modify the relevant law and suggested effective technical solutions.