Determination of protection zones and profiles of acidulous mineral water wells in Balatonfüred


Balatonfüred has been famous for carbonated springs arising in the surroundings for many hundred centuries. The acidulous mineral waters are of calcium-magnesium-hydrocarbonate composition with significant carbon dioxide and sulphur content.

The acidulous mineral water in Balatonfüred was first mentioned /noted as “Tihany acidulous water” in the 17th century when this territory belonged to Tihany Abbacy. In the 19th century the springs were used by the inhabitants; three springs arose in the centre of the town. One of them is Kossuth Lajos (former Ferencz József) spring that was a drinking water supply and even now does operate as a drinking fountain. The water of Ős (Ancient) spring was utilized in a spa; currently the spring rises from below the hospital building. The water of Savós (Wheyey) spring was mixed with goat milk whey and was used for healing purposes. The Hospital of Cardiology was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Another territory where acidulous mineral water arises is in the western part of Balatonfüred. In 1931 wine growers observed that vine-stocks perished in certain places of the vineyards. According to Lajos Lóczy geologist who made investigations in pits dug in the area this was the result of high carbon dioxide content of the groundwater that was emitted to the surface through the soil. Groundwater was bubbled due to carbon dioxide emission in the pits.

The origin of carbon dioxide in the groundwater is still obscure. The most reasonable origin is the post-volcanic activity that gave rise to the development of geyserite rocks in Tihany peninsula.

Acidulous springs get their recharge from precipitation in uncovered karst of Balaton Uplands. Precipitation water infiltrates the karst system and moves slowly towards Balaton through the joints in the limestone. Water of the springs arises along the surface between the limestone and aquitard Permian red sandstone strata.

Determination of the protection zones and design of the safety plan of the acidulous springs and wells was implemented by the Ltd. on behalf of the Municipality of Balatonfüred.