CC-WaRe – Mitigating Vulnerability of Water Resources under Climate Change


CC-WaRe Project is the continuation of the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Program CC-WaterS Project financed by SEE Programme between 2008 and 2012.

CC-WARE aims at developing an integrated transnational strategy for water protection and mitigating water resources vulnerability. This strategy builds the basis for an implementation of national and regional action plans.

The partners from 10 countries (Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia) cooperated in the project. The Hungarian partner was National Environment Institute (NEKI); SMARAGD-GSH Ltd. was involved as the subcontractor of NEKI. The Lead partner of CC-Ware Project was the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management – Forest Department, Vienna.

The main objectives of CC-Ware Project comply with medium-term tasks of climate change strategy and elaboration and implementation of water management plans of Hungary.

Attention on prospective future impacts of climate change on subsurface drinking water supplies and elaboration of action plans are of capital importance in Hungary since 94% of drinking water originates from groundwater.

The international aspect of CC-Ware Project provided productive opportunity for working out joint strategies with neighbouring countries.

The main subjects of the projects were the followings:

  1. Vulnerability of water supplies in South East Europe
    • Water quality and quantity
    • Evaluation of future risk of climate change on water supply
  2. Interventions on mitigating vulnerability of water supplies
    • Regulation of legislation and land use concerning safety of water supply
    • Evaluation and enhancement of ecosystem services influenced by climate change
    • Benefits of effective water usage and economic incentives
    • Development and estimation of good practice in water supply
  3. International Strategy for national and regional Action Plans
    • Integrated drinking water strategy for SEE region
    • Drafting of background paper and pilot for supporting elaboration of national and regional action programmes

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